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Microwave Repair Services

Microwave ovens are used in the majority of households and restaurants. This electrical appliance makes life easier by saving energy and time. However, there could be some instances when your microwave may stop working.
Worry not! Just google “microwave repair near me” and you’ll find FIX Appliances. As a local microwave repair company, we take a pledge to fix your unit at the earliest. Our professionals will come on site, diagnose possible issues, and guarantee the world-class repair service. We cover and repair all major brands of microwaves and also provide annual maintenance services.

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Microwave Repair Services
Factory Certified
Factory Certified
Factory Certified Licensed technicians with over 15 years of experience
Complete Warranty
Complete Warranty
Each repair is covered by service and parts warranty
Gas Contractor
Gas Contractor
Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

Types of Microwave We Repair

In case your microwave has stopped functioning, don’t throw it out. Just give a call to our team, and our professional repairmen will provide you with the same day microwave repair service for all types of microwaves.

  • Built-in. This type of microwave usually has a drop-down door as a conventional oven has.
  • Countertop. The most popular type of microwave oven that is normally placed on the kitchen counter.
  • Microwave Drawers. Wall-mounted appliances that are installed below countertops. Easy to use and convenient for all family members. One of the most fragile appliances but easy to fix when handled by our experts, providing you on-time microwave repair services.
  • Over-the-Range. A combination of a microwave and a range hood. Such microwaves are cost and space-efficient. Our professionals are familiar with such models and can provide same-day emergency repair services at your location.

Same-day Appliance Repair Service in Your Area

Our office is located at Dania Beach Blvd, Dania Beach, FL 33004, United States and we serve the following areas:

Customers Reviews

Discover how Fix Appliances is getting a 5-star service record since day one.
Liberman Sikoric
I used the service of Fix Appliances twice. The first time was the replacement of the drum support in the washing machine, the second time was the replacement of the water outlet hose. The hose was changed altogether ...
Klorki Habrinsky
I wanted to express my gratitude to your company for the prompt departure! Thank you for the quality repair of the dishwasher! If we continue to order services in your company. Special thanks to repairman Dima for his...
Not sure if my technician Sergey came from this location as he said he was coming from Vaughn but i know it’s the same company Fix Appliance Canada. Sergey called 15 m prior to arrival which is always good for a heads...
Noah Milos
Serge gave us incredible support. He was on schedule, made sense of the heaters, the surface ignitor required supplanting, supplanted it very fast. The issue was fixed and cost was entirely sensible. Legitimate and so...
We utilized Dima and the group to fix the freezer plus our washer and dryer. He reacted to our call rapidly, came to give us an evaluation, and after he returned to fix things. He suggested fixes that were less broad ...
John Bowen
Fixappliances are the best. My cooler broke on a Friday night and I was apprehensive all the sustenance in it would be ruined before I could get it checked. I contacted them first thing Saturday morning and they were ...
Rodney Webster
It's a much cheaper option for dryer repair than any other I know of. Don't be afraid to contact them for any issue - in my experience, there is very little they can't handle, if at all
Logan O’Neal
They did it for much cheaper than other companies in the area and it makes me very happy. What I really liked is them explaining every step of fixing my washer
Frank Houston
One of the best services I've ever used - they were polite and knew more about the problem than anyone else in the area. My brother recommended them to me after they fixed his microwave and now I am here with the simi...
Rafael Nuriev
We have a Frigidaire front loading washing machine which has served us well for the past 4 years. We started to notice that the door would not lock properly and as a result the inner drum would not rotate. We called a...

We Repair All Appliance Brands

Fix Appliances is authorized repair service for most home appliance manufacturers. We service over 70 brands of appliances, so if you own appliances from different brands you don’t need to call two companies. Most of our repair bookings are attended on the same day.

Common Microwave Issues We Repair

Microwave Repair Services

Microwave Just Won’t Start

Assuming that the microwave’s door is shut and plugged in properly the most likely cause of this issue is the fuse. Most cases require the fuse to be replaced. Our technicians are well trained to tackle such a problem, feel free to call us regarding the same.

Spark Emission When in Use

Sparking, also known as “arching”, occurs when a high voltage diode shorts out or due to a defective stirrer causing the heat to concentrate in one spot. This problem can be easily fixed once our technicians take care of it.

Turntable Won’t Turn

Upon troubleshooting with the help of our technicians, the reasons that turntables won’t turn are: the tray motor has gone bad or the carousel needs to be realigned over the turning mechanism.

Touchpad Won’t Respond

Touchpad, being the most sensitive part of the appliance, has to be handled with care. Water damage may cause them to stop working. In such a case, feel free to contact our team to get affordable microwave repair services!

Microwave Door Won’t Open

A microwave door that won’t open may be a fairly easy fix. It’s likely that the pivot mechanism that engages and/or disengages the door latch hook is broken. Our microwave appliance repair technician will be able to replace the broken part with a short visit. We advise unplugging the microwave while you’re waiting for it to be serviced in the interest of safety. 

It isn’t Heating My Food

If your microwave won’t heat your food you may have a problem with the magnetron — a key component of your microwaves heating system. The high voltage diode pushes power to the magnetron, but sometimes the process fails. Our microwave appliance repair technician is trained to easily diagnose these types of issues and repair them so you can trust that you’ll be back to warming up your popcorn soon.

I’m Getting Error Codes

If your appliance is producing error codes when you try to use it there could be a quick and easy fix. Try unplugging your machine for at least 60 seconds. This will allow enough time for the power to disconnect and may reset the error codes so that you can use your microwave again. If error codes keep coming up our technicians are always available to help with repairing microwave ovens

The Buttons Aren’t Working

If you find that the touchpad inside isn’t responding at all to switch your machine on it could mean that your microwave needs to be replaced. In most cases, though you’ll probably notice some buttons work while others don’t. This is a strong indication that the touchpad needs to be replaced. We’ll be able to tell if this is the issue and fix it for you.

The Microwave Doesn’t Stop When the Timer Ends

If your microwave isn’t stopping when the timer’s complete it’s probably the control board. You’ll probably have to open the door manually to stop the cooking process. Our microwave oven repair service can identify and fix this common problem for you on countertop microwaves, built-in microwaves and over the range microwaves.

I’m Hearing A Lot of Strange Noises

Strange noises coming from your microwave are usually another indicator that the magnetron is on the way out. Your appliance may continue to work for a while but the magnetron will need to be replaced in the near future to prevent further problems.

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