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Extending The Lifecycle of Your Home Appliances

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Home appliances, the same as any other appliances are not made to serve us for our entire lives, the issue begins when people do not realize that those broken appliances are also made to be fixable before placing them in the junkyard. 

Fix Appliances CA  is a local appliance repair service in GTA with over a decade of experience, we asked our authorized technicians to give you the best & easiest tips for this matter: How to extend the life cycle of your home appliances?

  • Appliance Installation:

Extending The Lifecycle of Your Home Appliances

As funny as it might seem, appliance installation is a crucial stage because even the smallest error upon installation may lead to unfixable damages. When you purchase a new appliance, stores will often offer to install the product for a small fee, or even for free. Those stores hire technicians to do this process for a small amount that benefits you in the short term, after all not of the technicians working at the store are manufacturers authorized to actually install appliances the correct way. Unfortunately, there are too many reports of appliances breaking down and even causing death by explosion that could be avoided if their appliance was installed correctly following manufacturer instructions.

What Installation Services We Offer

As a local appliance repair service in GTA, we hear about those stories too often and we do everything we bring up the awareness for safety while installing new appliances. However, when the store offers to bring & install the appliance, ask about certificates and if the technicians are authorized to work with this specific manufacturer. As being said, even if stores offer you a free installation as part of the purchase, always be suspicious and dig around for more information. There are 3rd party appliance repair services who are authorized to install almost every appliance, this comes with a low fee as well but also guarantees safety for both your family and your home appliances.

If you decide to refuse the offered appliance installation, first thing you must do is to search for appliance installation service in Google, call the first 4 websites in that list & ask if they are authorized to work with your appliance brand. It is very important to confirm this information as installation failure or the wrong installation process may cost you more in the long run. Fix appliance services willing to work with big manufacturers have to send their technicians to a seminar, where they will learn how to install and deal with their products & appliances, that way a technician becomes authorized to install appliances made by different manufacturers. We at Fix Appliances CA offer an authorized installation process by our professional technicians, if you are looking for more information & have some questions, please contact us and we will happily serve you.

  • Appliance maintenance:

Washing Machine Clean And Maintain

It may sound not that obvious for some, but in reality many avoid proper maintenance measurements such as calling a repair technician when needed and not ignoring the ‘weird sounds’ your appliance makes when doing his job.
“Lack of proper maintenance is one of the main causes for a breakdown. Many technical malfunctions are connected to each other, which means if one part of your fridge for example makes noise while running, it’s a matter of time until other parts will be affected by that same exact noise” says the CEO of Fix Appliances CA, Oleg Chudnovski. 

Many issues are avoidable by running a proper maintenance on your house appliances once in a while, it means to clean any dirt from the inside of the appliance, white vinegar and baking soda are commonly used to clean home appliances. Before cleaning your appliances, make sure to read some information on the web or talk to appliance repair services such as Fix Appliances CA to guide you. It is also recommended to check the cords connected to this outlet, damaged electrical cords are exchangeable but may cause fire and even death in the worst case scenario – General & proper maintenance upon your appliances will extend the life cycle to ensure maximum usage.

What We Clean And Maintain

“Effective appliance maintenance means more than cleaning and installing the appliance professionally, it also requires your attention. When there is a multifunction in your fridge for instance, don’t hesitate and call your local fix appliances service. If you hear something ticking in your car’s engine, you won’t wait until you get stuck in the middle of the road” Oleg Chudnovski concludes.  

Maximizing the reliability of your household appliances is not that tricky, calling authorized technicians by finding a local appliance repair service on Google to install appliances the same day. Moreover, don’t forget to keep an eye on cables and dirt as these two might eventually be bad for your appliances. If you are looking for more information or need guidance in the appliance industry, our agents at Fix Appliances CA will be ready to answer your questions and fulfil your needs.

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By Igal Zeev Geiler