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Kenmore (Sears) Appliance We Repair

The Kenmore brand was founded by Richard Sears, Alvah Roebuck, and Sebastian Kresge.  Sears and Roebuck formed a business partnership in 1893. The brand first appeared in 1913 on a sewing machine sold exclusively through Sears & Roebuck; however, the origins of the name are lost in the stitches of time.

The Kenmore brand added washing machines in 1927 and vacuums in 1932. In 1946, after retooling plants from war supply manufacturing, Sears introduced Kenmore ranges. Matching automatic electric washers and dryers followed in 1949. The Kenmore dishwasher was introduced in 1951 and in 1957, the first combination washer and dryer.

The Kenmore brand continued to expand through the 1960s with appearances on popular TV shows and even a move into the Whitehouse laundry room. In 1971, Kenmore added microwaves to its brand and ceramic cooktop ranges, and 1973, self-cleaning to its ranges. In 1976, Sears rebranded its Coldspot line of refrigerators and freezers to the Kenmore name.

Sears relied on manufacturing by other brands to keep Kenmore appliances at the forefront. Often debuting innovations under the Kenmore brand before they appeared on the manufacturers’ brand.

As of 2017, the contributors to Kenmore manufacturing included Whirlpool, Electrolux, Panasonic, LG, Daewoo Electronics, and Cleva North America. Today, the Kenmore brand is owned by ESL Investments affiliate, Transformco.

Kenmore household appliances are built to last but daily wear and tear can cause parts to fail. If you need a Sears Kenmore repair in the South Florida area, contact Fix Appliances today! Our factory-trained technicians provide quality repairs, often on the same day!

If your dryer’s a dud or washer a rattling wreck, don’t delay! For expert Kenmore appliance repair call, text, or email our friendly knowledgeable customer reps to schedule service or repair today. We also offer installation and maintenance services to keep your appliances working as they should.

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We provide licensed repair services of all kitchen and bathroom appliance brands without asking where they were bought. Our skilled technicians do their best to increase the life expectancy of your household appliances by gas, induction, and electrical appliance repair and in-time preventive maintenance.

Our customers trust us with such top world brands as Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG as well as with local-known made.

Customers Reviews

Discover how Fix Appliances is getting a 5-star service record since day one.
Liberman Sikoric
I used the service of Fix Appliances twice. The first time was the replacement of the drum support in the washing machine, the second time was the replacement of the water outlet hose. The hose was changed altogether one...
Klorki Habrinsky
I wanted to express my gratitude to your company for the prompt departure! Thank you for the quality repair of the dishwasher! If we continue to order services in your company. Special thanks to repairman Dima for his...
Not sure if my technician Sergey came from this location as he said he was coming from Vaughn but i know it’s the same company Fix Appliance Canada. Sergey called 15 m prior to arrival which is always good for a heads up....
Noah Milos
Serge gave us incredible support. He was on schedule, made sense of the heaters, the surface ignitor required supplanting, supplanted it very fast. The issue was fixed and cost was entirely sensible. Legitimate and solid...
We utilized Dima and the group to fix the freezer plus our washer and dryer. He reacted to our call rapidly, came to give us an evaluation, and after he returned to fix things. He suggested fixes that were less broad and...
John Bowen
Fixappliances are the best. My cooler broke on a Friday night and I was apprehensive all the sustenance in it would be ruined before I could get it checked. I contacted them first thing Saturday morning and they were at my...
Rodney Webster
It's a much cheaper option for dryer repair than any other I know of. Don't be afraid to contact them for any issue - in my experience, there is very little they can't handle, if at all.
Logan O’Neal
They did it for much cheaper than other companies in the area and it makes me very happy. What I really liked is them explaining every step of fixing my washer.
Frank Houston
One of the best services I've ever used - they were polite and knew more about the problem than anyone else in the area. My brother recommended them to me after they fixed his microwave and now I am here with the...
Rafael Nuriev
We have a Frigidaire front loading washing machine which has served us well for the past 4 years. We started to notice that the door would not lock properly and as a result the inner drum would not rotate. We called a guy...
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Kenmore (Sears) appliance or maintenance services?
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    Does your Kenmore fridge turn your lettuce to mush or your frost-free freezer is frosted up? For dependable Kenmore refrigerator repair, call on Fix Appliances and schedule our professionals for Kenmore refrigerator repair service! Our highly skilled experts will repair, and maintain top freezer (79433), bottom freezer (79043, 72483), French door (73109), side-by-side (51783), and freezerless fridge (21202) model lines.

    If you have any problems, including:

    • The freezer, refrigerator, or both don’t work.
    • Coolant is leaking.
    • The latch or seals don’t work.
    • The ice maker leaks or isn’t working.
    • The Frost-Free is frosting up.
    • The fridge or freezer won’t maintain temperature.
    • The appliance makes thumping, banging, or gurgling noises.

    Email, text, or call our customer service specialists to arrange your Kenmore fridge repair.

    Kenmore Washing Machine Repair

    Has your Kenmore washing machine stopped spinning, draining, or cleaning? Is laundry piling up? Don’t get agitated! Give Fix Appliances a shout for all your Kenmore washer repair needs! Whether top (25132, 31652) or front-loading (41983, 41362) or a specialty model (81452, 51972), our dependable professionals will diagnose and fix the problem quickly, including:

    • The washing machine doesn’t work.
    • The lid or door won’t latch or release.
    • The washer bangs, thumps, or rattles when operating.
    • Water is leaking from the door or underneath the unit.
    • The electronic display shows an error message or is blank.
    • Water flows in and then drains but it won’t agitate or spin.
    • Water doesn’t all drain out.
    • Function buttons or dial aren't functioning.

    For any Kenmore washing machine repair call on the reliable local repair specialists at Fix Appliances.

    Kenmore Dryer Repair

    Does your Kenmore dryer leave clothes damp and smelly? Do you have clothes hanging around the house drying while your dryer sits idle?

    Give the pros at Fix Appliances a call for the dependable Kenmore dryer repair service! Our troubleshooting technicians are fully certified to install, service, and repair gas appliances. They’ll have your vented gas (75132, 91983), electric (60222, 81983), specialty (41002), or combo (81452) working like new in no time.

    Reach out to us if you have any issues with your dryer, including:

    • Dryer heats but doesn’t tumble.
    • It tumbles but there’s no heat.
    • Some functions don’t work.
    • The timer isn’t working.
    • It turns off as soon as it starts.
    • The dryer turns on but not off.
    • There’s a burning smell when operating.
    • It makes banging, grinding, or thumping sounds when working.
    • Dryer doesn’t work.

    For all your Kenmore dryer repair and maintenance needs call our Fix Appliances experts.

    Kenmore Oven Repair

    Are you tired of under-cooked cakes or charred cookies? Does your Kenmore oven leave you frustrated and angry?

    For reliable Kenmore oven repair in South Florida, call the service specialists at Fix Appliances. Our professionals are highly skilled, factory-trained, and certified to install, service, and maintain gas (40419) and electric (40543) appliances and will have your oven working like new.

    No problem is too big or too small, just give us a call for any appliance problem, including:

    • The oven doesn’t work.
    • Broiler won’t work.
    • Oven door won’t open, close, or latch properly.
    • Timer or temperature controls aren’t working.
    • Digital display is blank or shows errors.
    • Oven lighting won’t work even with a new bulb.
    • The self-clean mode doesn’t work.
    • Some functions aren’t working.
    • Cooking element isn’t working.
    • Ignitor doesn’t work.

    Kenmore Stove Repair

    Do your one-minute eggs take ten? Does your stove burn soups or leave them cold? Give Fix Appliances a try! Our trained technicians are certified to install, maintain, and repair gas (74133) and electric (95113) or dual fuel ranges (32673) and cooktops (45319, 41302). We’ll troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair the problem and have you cooking up a feast in no time.

    Arrange a service call to get a certified technician for Kenmore stove repair if you experience any problems with your unit, including:

    • The stove doesn’t work.
    • An element won’t heat or self-ignite.
    • Different functions or cooking modes don’t work.
    • The display isn’t working.
    • Knobs or buttons stick or don’t work.
    • Door won’t latch or open or close properly.
    • Glass needs replacing.

    Kenmore Dishwasher Repair

    Are you getting dishpan hands while your Kenmore dishwasher sits idle? Contact Fix Appliances for dependable dishwasher service and repair today! Our troubleshooting technicians will get your hands out of hot water and your built-in (13222), double, compact, In-sink, counter-top, portable (17482) or dishwasher working properly.

    Contact our friendly service consultants for the same day Kenmore dishwasher repair, when:

    • The dishwasher doesn’t work.
    • Function buttons don’t function.
    • Display isn’t working.
    • Water leaks from the door or elsewhere.
    • There’s a burning smell when operating.
    • Spray doesn’t work or water doesn’t drain.
    • Dishwasher makes unusual sounds.
    • Drying cycle doesn’t work.
    • Dishes aren’t clean.
    • Hums but doesn’t work.

    Kenmore Microwave Repair

    Kenmore microwaves are kitchen conveniences, thawing, heating, and cooking meals or left-overs, but if it’s not working, contact Fix Appliances for all your Kenmore microwave repairs. Our highly skilled and trained service specialists will have your countertop (70712), Over-the-Range (87587), or Built-In microwave working so you can relax.

    Give our courteous customer reps a call if your microwave has any problems, including:

    • The microwave doesn’t work.
    • Food isn’t cooking or heating evenly or at all.
    • Display is dark or shows errors.
    • Exhaust fan squeaks, squeals, rattles, or doesn’t work.
    • The door won’t latch shut or unlatch to open.
    • Microwave sparks and arcs when operating.
    • Function buttons, knobs, or touch screens aren’t working.
    • Preprogrammed settings or selections don’t work.
    • Lighting won’t work.
    • Turntable doesn’t turn.
    • The beeping or bell doesn’t work anymore.

    Call, text, or email Fix Appliances to get a 5-star Kenmore appliance repair service!

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